As a small child I was fascinated by anything creative, my father's painting especially. Observing him I began to draw, write, experiment with colour, expressing my feelings in the images or objects I made by hand.

Transforming materials is what has most intrigued me and what I have concentrated on over the years. This experimentation and passion for the world of fashion led me to start creating jewels, as emotions transformed into objects.

It's precisely my wish to fully reflect the uniqueness of an emotion which made me decide to create one-off, unrepeatable pieces.

I use a wide variety of materials for my creations, such as wires, which I interweave to form abstract or natural shapes or shells, a constant reference to the sea recurrent in my work, ebony, varied and changing selections of resins and leather.

I have studied the gems I use in my works; their properties and potential effects on one's sensitivity.

This show aims to be a "Journey through the soul" (act one) the result of months' of reflection, inner and artistic development; a painful journey through difficult moments but which I have tried to transform into something precious.

My creations represent moments of moods on my interior journey.

The soul enclosed by a web of pain which through reflection and the wish to start again, is slowly transformed to achieve awareness and freedom of expression.

My creations reflect an eternal inner need in continual evolution.


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